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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ravi Teja in gubbarsing as a guest rool

Ravi Teja kept leg for Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Dabangg’ remake with the title ‘Gabbar Singh’. This is the latest grapevine in film nagar. It is known that Harish Shankar announced ‘Gabbar Singh’ with Pawan Kalyan and a poster design was also released for that. The reason is unknown but Harish Shankar is suddenly switched over for the project ‘Subrahmanyam’ with Ravi Teja. Sources say that Ravi Teja has expressed doubts on ‘Dabangg’ to Harish Shankar.

If it is true, Ravi Teja has got something in mind that many film buffs in Tollywood has.

Dabangg is not a great film in the standards of Tollywood but many wonder why it got many awards and such a vast recognition. It might have sounded new for Bollywood folks but Tollywood has given many better products than that earlier. Pokiri, Vikramarkudu and even Lakshmi Narasimha are many times better than ‘Dabangg’. So remaking ‘Dabangg’ straight away may not work out at Telugu box office.

With this Harish Shankar was fixed in doubts and started reworking on ‘Dabangg’ script making necessary changes. As he is making changes, it’s coming up as a different film all together and can never be called ‘Dabangg’ remake. While Harish is in this sort of fix, Ravi Teja hinted him to do some other film meanwhile in stead wasting time. Hence he developed ‘Subrahmanyam’ script for Ravi Teja sitting with him. Some fine tunings are happening at present and meanwhile Ravi Teja is completing ‘Nippu’ with YVS and Guna Sekhar. As soon as the completion of that project, ‘Subrahmanyam’ make take off from August- September. Eventually Ravi Teja also signed up for Vamsi’s film for which Tanikella Bharani is the writer. Thus Ravi Teja is working back to back films non stop.

Pawan Kalyan is at present vacant after ‘Shadow’. Well, if things move well, he may sign up with Rajamouli as per the talk in circulation.

In this entire scenario, it is Ravi Teja who kept leg for Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’. Even a set of Pawan Kalyan fans feel that it is good for their hero as ‘Dabangg’ has no big dum!!!

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