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Friday, 17 June 2011

Sridevi making her daughter body shape nicely to enter movies

Athiloka Sundari Sridevi may well be making her comeback but more than her, the attention of many are on her daughter. We are talking about Jahnavi and this seems to be realized by Sridevi as well. Now, sources say she has got into the process of shaping up her daughter for the big arrival.

Buzz is that Sridevi is ensuring that Jahnavi is taking full care in her diet, looks and fitness aspects. It is also heard that she has got in touch with few makeover consultants at the top level and is carving a sketch in such a way that Jahnavi makes a thumping impact on her arrival.

During Sri’s days, it took nearly six to seven films to find feet for heroines. But given today’s speed and competition, it appears that Jahnavi must be on top of things before she makes her entry. As long as she has a mother who has seen it all Jahnavi has to hold her mommy’s finger and she would be ready

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