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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Power star Pawan Kalyan PANJA business in overseas

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s PANJA overseas business is rocking in entire overseas.

We are happy to announce that we closed all the centers in US and non-US. This is once again a proof that irrespective of hit or flop Pawan Kalyan’s market is very strong as it was earlier and buyers are still crazy about his movies!

We are all set for Dec 9th release all over overseas with premiere shows on Dec 8th. PANJAA T-shirts, Caps and CDs were ordered and will be distributed to exhibitors once we get them!

PANJAA will be released in highest number of theaters in US including small center which never released a Telugu movie before! Also movie will be released in all Europe locations like Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden etc.

Also you can find downloadable wall papers, merchandise and other information in website.

Online ticketing for regular and premiere shows will be opened well in advance! Stay tuned for further updates on this full length entertainer as Pawan Kalyan is coming back as another JALSAA and KHUSHI!


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hansika Addicted to Power Yoga

The universal fact is that, if a woman wants to seduce or tempt a man, it won’t be very difficult. And when it comes to the heroines, if they have to do some crowd pulling, they have to work on their body and sex appeal.

Hansika Motwani it seems has lost oodles of weight and friends say that she is addicted to power yoga.


MS Narayana Beats Brahmanandam In movies

Speaking about the number one comedy actor in Tollywood, there is no doubt in saying that it is none other than Brahmanandam. His presence on screen, his expressions and dialogues tend to churn out a lot of laughter for the audience. H

A name that is making strong rounds in the circuit is that of M S Narayana. Due to his fabulous performance in ‘Dookudu’, MS has scored a major demand. It is heard that his daily call sheet remuneration has gone to Rs 3 lakhs but still getting a single day from him is reportedly becoming difficult.

As far as Brahmi is concerned, he is still between Rs 2 lakhs – Rs 3 lakhs. Even in the latest release ‘Veedu Theda’ more than Brahmi it is the M S Narayana factor which brought entertainment to the audience. Let us see how long he sustains this position.


Balakrishna and Nagarjuna Link In 'RGV Ramayana'

Nanadamuri Balakrishna was in Rajahmundry yesterday where he said that he wants to act with Nagarjuna. He also said that he is ready to do even an opposite role with him. Just after a few hours of this, Ram Gopal Varma made a stunning announcement today. He said that Nagarjuna is playing the role of Ravan Raju in the film ‘RGV Ramayana’ that he is about to take on floors shortly.

He tweeted, “Ramgopal varma `Ramayanam` lo Raavan Raju paatrani Naagarjun chesthunnadu..Migathaa paathrala vivaraalu tvaralo theliya chesthanu. Ntr star image `Daana veera shoora karna` lo Duryodhanudiki elaa vupayoga padindho alaage nagarjuna star image Raavanudiki avuthundhi”.

It is in fact unimaginable and surprising to see Nag as Ravan. But he has got the mettle to prove as he is versatile. Many are saying that the role fits a lot due to his age factor and image.

On the other hand, many are trying to draw conclusions stating that there could be some relation between NBK’s statement and RGV’s announcement. Is Balayya portraying Ram Shankar’s role in ‘RGV Ramayana’. That has to be seen.


idya Balan Launch Mandir Wedding Collections

Fashion, in the recent times has undergone a cosmic transformation. And the experimental strategies of designing Indian traditional attire with an essence of western appeal fueled the Industry. Delighting the women folk of Hyderabad, MANDIR a dominant player in the textile industry, even has its presence in Road No 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

As the name suggests, MANDIR is a temple of Sarees for the woman, who wishes to add a never before aura to herself. MANDIR is the new abode for women, bringing to them exclusively created designer Sarees.

It’s an exclusive boutique for those persistent women of the city who aspire larger than life image. Its an exclusive collection of raw materials, designs, finishes, crafted for the contemporary woman who wishes to wear something unique every single time she dresses up. Its an abode for Rare & Eternal Pure Kanchivarams, Hand Picked Real Zari Kotas, Mesmerizing Uppadas, Handmade Paitnis, Heritage Rich Patolas, Pure Georgette Chiffon Party Wear, and Designer Sarees from Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

Mrs. Jhansi Chalavadi, CEO & Fashion Designer for Mandir giving her note on the occasion said, “Its a great pleasure and honor for us that Viday Balan has launched the exclusive wedding collection. The name itself states that its a divine place and the products of which are so meticulously and pristinely designed, that will meet the standards of today’s woman. May it be Kanchivarams, Paitnis, Patolas, Gaghras or dress materials you can surely find a glimpse of heaven, a touch of goddess feel in every piece”.


Pawan Kalyan Becomes Bigger Than Chiranjeevi

The real pillar of strength for the mega family has been Chiranjeevi. Standing as a true example for a self-made man in the film industry without any godfather, Chiru made a mark of his own and gathered mass following. However, it is now heard that he has got competition from home itself.

The latest observation from few film pundits is “Pawan Kalyan is a bigger force today than Chiranjeevi.

They add “Of course, it is needless to say that Pawan is here only because of Chiru. While he got a perfect entry into cinema through his brother, the skill of Pawan lies in sustaining that charisma and building up his fan following to a great extent. And with Chiru out of the cine circuit, it must be said that Pawan has become the mega head in Tollywood.”


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ram Charan and Vinayak Movie wallpapers


Pawan kalyan panja movie wallpapers


Pawan kalyan panja movie posters


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