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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Balakrishna and Nagarjuna Link In 'RGV Ramayana'

Nanadamuri Balakrishna was in Rajahmundry yesterday where he said that he wants to act with Nagarjuna. He also said that he is ready to do even an opposite role with him. Just after a few hours of this, Ram Gopal Varma made a stunning announcement today. He said that Nagarjuna is playing the role of Ravan Raju in the film ‘RGV Ramayana’ that he is about to take on floors shortly.

He tweeted, “Ramgopal varma `Ramayanam` lo Raavan Raju paatrani Naagarjun chesthunnadu..Migathaa paathrala vivaraalu tvaralo theliya chesthanu. Ntr star image `Daana veera shoora karna` lo Duryodhanudiki elaa vupayoga padindho alaage nagarjuna star image Raavanudiki avuthundhi”.

It is in fact unimaginable and surprising to see Nag as Ravan. But he has got the mettle to prove as he is versatile. Many are saying that the role fits a lot due to his age factor and image.

On the other hand, many are trying to draw conclusions stating that there could be some relation between NBK’s statement and RGV’s announcement. Is Balayya portraying Ram Shankar’s role in ‘RGV Ramayana’. That has to be seen.

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