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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Celina Success Over Human Rights

Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley has boldly spoke about many issues in the past. Recently she backed the issue of gay rights in India. However now she is all geared up for acceptance of minorities (religious as well as sexual) in corporate circuit. She will speak about the issue in a seminar held by her. However many companies are already approaching her to speak on same issues at their workplace. And she has accepted one such invitation of a well known international bank.

“I am so happy that corporate are taking this initiative. It’s a big cultural revolution and at least people are making an effort towards peace and acceptance,” says Celina.

Actress Celina Jaitley is very much happy today as she succeeded in her fight over providing human rights to the gay community in India. The Delhi High Court made a decision which completely decriminalized Section 377.

According to Section 377 homosexuality was crime in India. It was illegal and there was no respect for such people in our cultural Indian society. Many people came forward to help these minorities and Celina was one of them.

Feeling like this victory is not just her own but the victory of human rights, Celina says, “July 2, was a historical day, it will become a landmark in the cultural revolution of India, for the country turned homosexual… and I, with tears in my eyes and an ecstatic heart, am proud to say that homosexuality is no longer illegal and has been decriminalized.”

The excited and merrily Celina later added, “All my friends of the LGBT community will now lead a protected life and walk with their heads held high. It’s a victory of common sense over unreasoning prejudice. A lot of gays will be encouraged to come out of the closet and meet each other in safer environments instead of secretly and quickly meeting in places where it’s hard to have safe sex. As a result, it will help in fighting against the growing HIV AIDS epidemic. Authorities won’t harass and blackmail anymore….”

Celina also thanks people who helped her in this campaign. “God, my family, my gay friends and the immense support of The Times of India has made gay rights awareness possible. Kudos to Times for standing up against all odds and giving me a platform for such a non-diplomatic cause. This has proved that the media is for the people, of the people and by the people. I received over one lakh messages from all over the world. God knows how people got my number, but this fight has been for all my beloved friends and it was worth so much the effort,” said Celina.

Former Miss India and actress, Celina Jaitly expresses her sympathy towards the gay community by writing with sensitivity on her iTimes blog. She writes that the gays always receive a raw deal and often become a subject of joke in India. So she invites everybody to join her for the change of Article 377. On the blog she requested to the Union Health Ministry to make changes in Article 377 for the rights of gays.

As written on the blog, Celina says, “This law has been used to systematically persecute, blackmail, arrest and terrorise sexual minorities. The legislation was introduced by British colonial authorities and does not reflect Hindu cultural values… India needs to shrug off its colonial mentality and come out of its all-prevalent homophobia. It appalls and dismays me to see the attitude of Indian people towards homosexuals/bisexuals - they’re subject to really insensitive jokes/comments and open derision.”

Celina Jaitley has signed to do a Kannada film called Shreemati. This film is Kannada adaptation of Hindi film Aitraaz. Celina will be portraying the role played by Priyanka Chopra.

Incidentally, Celina was first offered the role of Priyanka in Aitraaz, but she refused to do it. It was a wrong decision by Celina because with this film Priyanka claim to fame. Now it seems like Celina wants to cast off her regrets by doing its Kannada version. The male lead in the film will be South superstar Upendra.

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