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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Anushka Sharma gossips and news

After Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Anushka Sharma is bound to Yash Raj Films for two more films. However YRF is in no hurry to start the next films.
After Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Anushka Sharma is bound to Yash Raj Films for two more films. However YRF is in no hurry to start the next films.

Before the release of the film, she was kept under wraps, while some think that even after the release of the film she is still under wraps as she has a contract to do two more films with Yash Raj.

Anushka said, “Yes, I’m under contract to do two more films with Yash Raj.”

“I was kept away from the media’s glare for a reason. I wanted to focus completely on my film. And it served the purpose,” says Anushka.

When asked to her why she didn’t presented with the finesse and sophistication that is associated with the banner, she replied, “You are right. Even when girls are supposed to be simple, in a Yash Raj film she’s always glamorous. But you see, I can always get into chiffon saris in my next Yash Raj film.”

After Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor, actress Anushka Sharma is all set to romance with hot Akshay Kumar on screen. She started her career with Yash Raj Films Rab Ne Bana De Jodi opposite Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan. The kid of break any actor only can dream of. However she continued the run since then. Soon after Rab Ne… she is working along side Shahid Kapoor for Parmeet Sethi’s yet to be titled directorial venture. Now the latest update on her career chart says that Anushka will pair up with Akshay Kumar in Nikhil Advani’s Patiala House.

“I loved the script the moment I heard it,” tells the actress. “However, I didn’t want to do anything impulsive. So I slept over it for a day and went back to Nikhil telling him I was most certainly on for the project,” says Anushka excitedly.

How she feels about acting against Akshay? “I have never met Akshay Kumar in my life and I’m going to be romancing him in my next project. I can’t tell you how excited I am. First I got to romance Shah Rukh, then Shahid and now Akshay. It is as if I’m walking on a cloud,รข€ says the leggy actress.

Aditya Chopra acted like a godfather to her by lending Rab Ne… to start her career. So does she seek any advice regarding the film from him? “Adi would hate it if I called him my mentor or godfather,” says Anushka.

“He and I are not friends. He is someone I hold in high regard. He holds a special place for me forever because he gave me a break that a girl can only dream of. Adi is also too professional to ask me about the script of another filmmaker. And I’m equally professional, so I will not reveal any details. But I can pick up the phone and seek his advice if I wish to. He is always there for his actors/technicians,” she adds.

Anushka confesses that she is very ambitious, but will not jump on any film to keep herself engaged. “I started at the top with Rab Ne…. Now I have to work double hard. An actor told me, ‘Anushka, you have been given a silver platter. Keep it clean.’ My desire, therefore, is to always try and put my best foot forward,” says the actress.

TV actor Parmeet Sethi is about to make his debut as director with Yash Raj Films. But his film has found a striking resemblance to last year’s super hit Rock On!! The only difference in to films is that Parmeet’s film has a Punjabi flavour. Rock On!! had a urban feel, while Parmeet’s has a Punjabi feel.

Parmeet’s film which is still untitled stars Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Veer Das and Indian Idol contestant Meiyang Chang in lead roles.

When Parmeet was quizzed about whether his film is copy of Rock On!!, he replied, “I won’t say that my film has got nothing to do with music but it is not exactly based on what you are saying.”

As Yash Raj Films is always inclined towards the Punjabi culture, this film is just a Punjabi flavour of Rock On!!

Anushka Sharma was kept under wraps before the release of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. However her fans are still waiting for her second film, but she is bound to Yash Raj Films for two more films. Now she is ready with the second film with YRF alongside Shahid Kapoor in main lead.

The film will be directed by TV actor Parmeet Sethi. The film is yet to be titled but it is a Parmeet’s directorial debut. Parmeet didn’t give too many details about the film as per the contract norms. But we heard that the Ex-Indian Idol contestant Meiyang Chang and comedian Veer Das are also part of the film.

Will this jodi work? What you think guys?

Just a one film old, actress Anushka Sharma is making a buzz in Bollywood. This time she is in news for his comparison with Sonam Kapoor. Both of them are constantly being compared with each other. However, Anushka says, “I know they have been talking about it, but nobody has asked me this question directly. May be they are scared to ask!”

She later adds, “I don’t think I look like Sonam. She has very different features.”

But do you remember how Sonam looks like. Because it’s always surprising as Sonam changes her look with each photoshoot.

The new girl of SRK is finally out in public and is sharing her views and opinions openly. Ask her about her contemporaries and she will say, “Asin is so beautiful, Sonam Kapoor is enthralling, and Deepika Padukone is very talented. My all-time favorite is Rani Mukherji. She’s a class apart.”

Anushka also revealed that Rani had helped and encouraged her a lot when she was shooting for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Well who else will know better than Rani the Yash Raj style of filming?

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