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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Madhushalini attending movie function

Whenever there is a film related event happening in the public places, it is a kind of cat and mouse game between the media cameramen and the heroines, actresses who come to attend such events. Incidentally, the lenses try to capture some revealing pictures of the starlets.

Usually, most of the starlets wait eagerly for the lens to shine on them but here is one girl who was all tight. She is none other than Madhushalini and her stiffness was seen when she was attending a recent film related event. Apparently, sources say Madhu sat still and made sure she didn’t spread her legs or crossed her seating position when the clicks were happening.

After ensuring the cameras were not there she stood up and made her moves. Though the cameramen waited for very long time, it was Madhu who was aware of their tricks and was careful not to slip on her position. Those who were present at the event were having a grin on their faces looking at Madhu’s fears.

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