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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bollywood news wallpaper of Amrita Rao

There is much confusion over Amrita Rao’s new love is it Goher Mumtaz the lead guitarist of Jal Band or Farhan Saeed the lead vocalist of the band?
An insider revealed, “Goher came to Mumbai to shoot the video Chalte Chalte, with Amrita. During the shoot, the duo became very friendly and gradually grew fond of each other. In fact, the shoot is over long back, but Goher keeps coming to India often.”

When Goher was asked about Amrita he said, “We are good friends. I don’t think there is anything wrong in sharing a great friendship. I don’t have many friends in India. She is one of my closest ones. Amrita and I are in touch. I come to India every month. We like spending time together. In fact, I have convinced her to come to Pakistan and perform here.”

Even Amrita kept mum about her new love, “Yes, I am quite fond of all three members (meaning Goher, Farhan Saeed and Shazi) of the band. It was a great opportunity to work with someone from Pakistan. Even a simple pleasure like sharing an ice cream with someone from across the border is fun. But love is confined only to the video. When I actually fall in love, the whole world will know about it.”

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