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Monday, 29 August 2011

Diya Mirza Takes Out a Crocodile Baby From the Egg

Before the creative juices seep in your creative minds, let us clarify that giving ‘birth’ to crocodiles is a very easy task at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Bangkok.

Dia Mirza visited the Sriracha Tiger Zoo during the croc egg-breaking festival during the IIFA weekend in Bangkok. An ecstatic Dia said that holding a baby crocodile in her palms was indeed a strange experience in itself as there were scores of crocodile eggs, most of them already cracked. Along with the caretaker, Dia had to get the baby crocodile out of the shell, cut the umbilical cord, and then bathe it in warm water!

But this process was not as easy as much as it sounds. Dia said that firstly the eggs were all sticky and full of goo. Then the baby croc that popped out was all smeared in blood! And when someone asked Dia if she would undergo the ‘delivery process’ once again, she quickly replied that helping in giving birth to one croc was more than enough for her.
So can we say that Dia has turned mother of a croc baby. What say ?

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