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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Amrita Rao is bit raw but good

Except for one detail Akshaye is having a ball shooting for Neeraj Vora’s Shortcut in Bangkok.
I need a quick break to visit Mumbai. I’m homesick. If I get a break of 2-3 days I’ll go back. So far we’ve get only one day off every ten days. That isn’t enough to dash in and dash out.

Akshaye plays a director while Arshad Warsi plays a ’bad’ actor. Yet another flick set in the film industry! Amrita Rao is Akshaye’s co-star in Shortcut.

“She’s a very sweet decent girl Though raw she’s a good actress. She’s now coming into her own, ” gushes Akshaye as he does about all his co-stars. “I really enjoy working with my actors, male or female. I like being with them. Bouncing off ideas.”

He’s reluctant to talk about Shortcut but reveals, “The film has a lot of theatre actors. It’s a character-based energetic film. I like doing energetic films.

In Race I worked on investing a gusto to my character. That’s why I enjoy working with Abbas-Mustan. They give me the freedom to make the best use of my space as an actor.

What about the rapport with his co-stars? “Race isn’t the first multi-starrer I’ve done. It’s never easy to find proper space for all the actors in a cluttered cast. It takes people like Abbas-Mustan to come up with a script that justifies everyone’s presence. “

Akshaye was more than happy to be re-united with Saif. “Anil of course is very close to me. Saif and I had a fantastic time during Dil Chahta Hai. And let’s not forget Saif and I also spent a lot of time together during J.P.Dutta’s LOC.

In Dil Chahta Hai we were buddies. In Race we’re brothers but battling constantly. But I had never worked with all the three girls-Bipasha, Katrina and Sameera. They’re all so wonderful. They’re looking smashing. Anaita Adjania has really dressed us up well.”

Akshaye’s next release would be a Priyadarshan comedy Mere Baap Pehle Aap. “I’m in it with Paresh Rawal. It’s one of those films that will put a smile on everyone’s face

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