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Monday, 29 August 2011

Divya Dutta looks up to Hollywood

‘Hisss’ will not only see our Desi bombshell Mallika Sjerawat going international but will also mark the debut of very talented Divya Dutta in Hollywood. While Mallika Sherawat plays the female lead as the snakewoman, Divya will be seen as Irrfan Khan’s love interest.
“It is one of the challenging roles I have received. I am really looking forward to it.

I play Irrfan’s love interest, who is passionate as well as sensitive. The role is not cliched and has subtle things to portray. It is one of my best roles,” said Divya.
Her Hollywood set out does not end here as Divya has two more Hollywood projects in hand. One of them is Emmy winning director Fred Holmes’ “Heart Land” also starring Amelia Jackson Gray, Reg Grant and Stephan Mario Singh.

“‘Heart Land’ is a light hearted film in which I am playing a Punjabi girl. It deals with a sensitive relationship my character shares with a much older man from the US,” Divya reveals about her role in the film.
“People from the West are extremely passionate and disciplined about work. Everyone, from the junior level to the director, is so involved that we have no choice but to give our best,” she added.

In ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’ in a turbulent scene where an actress Divya Dutta marries a dog disturb one of her fans so much that he smsed her with a marriage proposal as an alterative instead of marrying any Dog. “The fan was very disturbed by the scene. He saw the movie and got a hold of my number from somewhere and messaged me saying, ‘Don’t worry, I’m ready to marry you”, told the actress, as she emotionally impressed with this act.

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