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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Deepika Padukone gossips and news

We are sure that Siddharth Mallya will not like this. The recent buzz is that Deepika Padukone is not his girlfriend. Apparently, their affair is an official agreement for keeping them in news and to show him in the media as the right man in the town. In short, it means that he is the desirable heir for Dr. Vijay Mallya’s flamboyant boots.

The best way to get any confirmation in this gossip was from the lady herself. However, Deepika said that she will never agree about her affair with the Mallya scion. She says, “I don’t think I am ever going to be ready. There are various reasons. Last year there was too much focus on my personal life and no focus on my professional life. I have worked hard and I know people love me because of that and because where I am going out for dinners and with whom. Therefore, I want the speculations of Sid be and not clarify anything.”

In the past, she had admitted her relationship with Ranbir, but it did not help, because there were questions about her wedding and babies asked over and over again. Therefore, now the curiosity suits her. “It will not harm me. I will never stop leading my kind of life because of the speculations that happen every now and then, I am not concerned about what people have to say about me. Denying or admitting a relation will never stop people from speculating. I will not let anyone enter my personal life anymore. I have drawn a line here,” said Deepika.

Her next film Break ke Baad is about a couple who get back together after a break-up, so Dips is again being harassed with questions about Ranbir. All of this has lead to actress to go mad. Her replies are always guarded and she will never mention names, but all these are directly attributed to her ex-flame.

Everyone seems to be happy in their personal space and they are always cordial. So, we guess anything is possible.

Recently, Deepika convinced her entire team of Break Ke Baad to hit the road after bad weather prevented them from flying to Delhi. Imran Khan, Deepika, Kunal Kohli and the director Danish Aslam were scheduled for a visit in IIT, Delhi for a promotional event for the film. The team was supposed to meet at the Chandigarh airport and take a flight to Delhi. However, there was an unexpected snow blizzard in Rohtang, which forced them to go for an eight hour long road trip.

When asked Kunal Kohli about this he says, “It was the biggest adventure of our lives. We could not have imagined that a snowstorm in Kashmir would affect the weather in Chandigarh. After out flights were cancelled, Deepika suggested that we should hit the road. She was very interested to make it to Delhi under any circumstance. Since she came to know that the students were looking forward to meeting them, there was no way she was willing to cancel. Imran decided to travel as well from Patiala, where he was shooting.”

He added, “We all were hungry, but Deepika was really worried about getting mobbed. Therefore, we looked for a relatively empty place and she covered her face with dupatta and then got out of the car. We managed to eat chana bhatura, but word got out that she was in the dhaba and people soon started crowding. We managed to get out of there before it got too crowded.”

When Deepika was asked about her first-ever road trip, she said, “While Danish and Kunal were taking care of the logistics and making sure that we got to Delhi on time, I was busy enjoying the adventure. I think stopping at the local dhaba and eating food was really memorable. Among all the traveling I have done, this particular trip will go down as something really special

Their many appearances in public together and constant photos suggest many things, don’t they?

Rumors have that it all started in April, when Deepika was seen in Sidhartha’s VIP box. This was during the IPL matches when his team, the Bangalore Royal Challengers was playing. Deepika was like an additional brand ambassador despite the presence of Katrina Kaif, both of whom was cheering their team to good effect.

But apart from professional commitments, there was something personal attention given by the both of them. Sources say that only Deepika was believed to take time to think about the proposal and thinking about her decision to commit. The 24-year-old scintillating actress is still taking her time from her break up with Ranbir Kapoor. She isn’t really very keen to just jump into another relationship and that too that early as reports of their break up was just on the go.

There have been efforts to patch the two earlier, by their friends but nothing worked out. That is why Deepika and Ranbir never got together after that. And after her much needed break of around one month she has given a serious thought to her new found love, according to her close friend. The source also told that Deepika went to London after her busy schedule for the Mauritius grand prix, where they actually kind of got resurfaced everything. There is buzz in the industry that the two are a couple now.

Ever thought we can see Deepika Padukone in a saree? Well, your this dream will be coming in reality soon or you may say it has already! The gorgeous Deepika wore bikinis and rode water scooter in Houseful her last film. But she has shifted her gears and she is going in opposite direction. This stunningly beautiful actress is all set to play a Bengali freedom fighter in her upcoming film. “Deepika turns to saree” is what making news now days. Now you get ready to see her in Bengal cotton saree riding bicycle!

Deepika has turned around her image as a sexy and bold actress for director Ashutosh Gowarikar’s new project Khelenge Hum Jee Jaan Se which is based on life of a Bengali freedom fighter Kalpana Dutta who was from Chittagong. Deepika will be seen in an era of around 1930’s. Deepika is very much excited for performing this role as she says, “Kalpana Dutta was among the first women freedom fighters of India. She was strong, feisty and a total revolutionary patriot”. Also “Saree makes a lady look more sexy” are the words of Deepika in a latest interview! We think this is the reason why Deepika turns to saree. Well it looks like she is already enjoying this bicycle ride!

The film is jointly produced by Sunita A Gowariker along with Ajay and Sanjeev Bijli. The film will be based on “DO and Die” the book written by Manini Chatterji, Kalpana Dutta’s daughter in law. This would be an epic freedom fighting period thriller. The film will be presented by PVR and AGPPL pictures. Acting opposite Deepika will be Chote B Abhishek Bachchan.

Director Ashutosh Gowarikar said that the reason behind casting Deepika is that she will bring much energy to the character of Kalpana Dutta. The music composer of the movie is Sohail Sen and the beautiful lyrics of the legendary lyricists of Javed Akhtar will add up to the beauty of the movie. Leading fashion designer Neeta Lulla has designed the costumes.

Imagine what will happen when Ranbir’s ‘best friend’ Katrina Kaif accidentally bumps into his ex Deepika Padukone. Recently at a shoot, both these girls exchanged cold stares even before Katrina walked out. Both of them were not in the mood of acknowledging each other. Apparently, Ranbir Kapoor became close friends with Katrina Kaif when he was dating Deepika.

On Wednesday, Dips was busy with a magazine photo shoot in the Mehboob Studio open area. An eyewitness who was watching all this says, “Deepika had come with Farhan Akhtar for her photo shoot. Somewhere around late afternoon, Deepika was giving her solo shots in the garden area of the studio. While Deepika was doing her last minute touch-up, there was pin drop silence and all eyes swiveled to the entrance. It was Katrina Kaif, who had accidentally walked in, thinking it was the venue where she was called for the shoot. She was dressed in a short white skirt and a pink tee, Katrnia walked in and froze for a second. Deepika, who was standing some distance away, saw her. Both had a few seconds of eye contact, and Katrina immediately took a U-turn and walked away.”

It was not surprising at all considering their history. A close source revealed, “Although Ranbir and Deepika are not seeing each other anymore, the latter still has issues with Katrina. It was the growing friendship between Katrina and Ranbir which marked an end to her relationship.” When asked Katrina and Deepika about this incident they were both unavailable for the comment

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