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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I feel I am being cheated

It is a big bad world out here. Yes the Indian Television industry does seem to be glamorous but once you enter it, you know how bad it is. Where on one hand a few actors are pampered, some new comers have borne the brunt.

Divyanka Tripathi aka Vidya of ‘Banoo Main Teri Dulhann’ fame has had a taste of this bitter reality. Though she is one of the protagonists of the serial, she is underpaid. We are not saying this; it is Divyanka herself who had admitted the fact a few weeks ago.

We had followed up with her in order to know if the production house has reacted to the news and considered her plea, but it was shocking to know that Divyanka has not been contacted at all.

“Yes it is true that I am underpaid but I do not want to blame the production house for it”, says this girl from Bhopal. She admits it as her own fault that she was unaware of the ways the industry functions since she was a newcomer.

“I was a participant of ‘Zee Cine Star Ki Khoj’ but it was one of my friends who referred me for the serial as I fit the image of Vidya” informed Divyanka

Shocking isn’t it. But again, it is a big bad world. Divyanka is so obsessed with the serial because of the fact that it is her first venture in the television industry that though she had received film offers from big banners, who she does not want to name, she refused them ‘because I had to leave the serial’ and she does not want to give ‘dagaah’ to it.

“The director had come to the sets to meet me but I did not sign the film” clarifies Divyanka.

Is this what actors deserve even after the kind of dedication they give to the serial? Even Divyanka feels that it is high time she gets paid according to what she deserves though in the beginning she had not given money a thought.

But should there be so much of a difference in pay. Guess one has to be smarter with the smart producers who tend to cheat on the actors.

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