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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Minissha Lamba turns on the heat for Man

Don’t blame the weather, it’s Minissha Lamba turning on the heat on the cover of the May edition of ‘The Man’ magazine. Minissha does it again, man.

The same actress who debuted as a cutie-cutie girl in Yahaan has taken many leaps and shed as many clothes to reveal her sexy side. The white bikini of Kidnap and the black one of the Maxim cover were perhaps just a few small steps in the long marathon that Miss Lamba wishes to jog, much to the delight of her fans, to add. So now, what has the gorgeous babe done? Nothing much, just parked her shapely bum on the bonnet of a sports car for the cover of ‘The Man’ magazine.

Dressed skimpily in all black, Minissha strikes quite a provocative pose, with her leather boots, tight shorts, eye-catching top and a hair-do that, pardon to say, looks more like a wig. But must say she does look hot enough to send the male hormones into frenzy. Inside the mag, the ‘Kidnap’ girl talks about what gives her the adrenaline rush.

Before your imagination runs wild, let’s break the suspense. Minissha is an adventure sports junkee and loves to do bungee jumping and kite surfing. The stunner also speaks about her career and upcoming films, but most significantly she lets her guard down and reveals some of her deep desires like how she would like to be wooed by a man. Now, that important piece of info would have many men rushing to the magazine stands

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