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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Jr NTR Smoking Vs Ileana

Jr NTR takes many resemblances from his grand father, the legend NTR. There is another resemblance that has come out recently although a trivial one.

It seems that Ileana hates Jr NTR and that was revealed during the shooting of 'Shakti'. Although their on screen chemistry was quite great, there are staunch enemies off the screen. Jr NTR hates Ileana's arrogance while Ileana dislikes Jr NTR's habit of smoking. And to irk Ileana, he used to light up his cigarette whenever she approached him. The fight continued in entire shooting time.

And similar thing can be recalled with respect to Senior NTR. He had the habit of chewing garlic during lunch time. Whenever there was a romantic song shoot after the lunch, Jayalalitha used to say 'no' for not bearing the pungent garlic smell from NTR's mouth. Jayalalitha, a strict vegetarian, used to keep away from garlic as well. And NTR suffered from the arrogance of Jayalalitha as well.

Producers are also not inclined towards Ileana, despite her curvy hip, but opting for Trisha, Kajal, Tapsee and Samantha instead of her. The main reason is attributed for her arrogance.

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